Andrew Bolt is Australia's most dangerous racist. He is employed by a major Australian regional newspaper and a TV station that broadcasts nationwide in order for him to directly peddle his racist and Islamophobic propaganda. His blog at Rupert Murdoch's Herald-Sun newspaper enjoys the support of a small but dedicated group of like-minded extreme right-wing bigots, rednecks and racists who regularly comment at his blog, and his TV spot is financially supported by various asssorted climate change deniers who have a vested interest in being anti-renewable resources and pro-pollutionist.

Bolt is dangerous because he has a wide audience that his employers see as being gullible to their brand of media propaganda.

This blog aims to expose Bolt for what he really is - a deceitful propagandist intent on dividing Australians by promoting fear and paranoia of multiculturalism. Without the backing of the likes of Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, et al, Bolt is nothing.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Bolt has succeeded in splitting Australia’s indigenous community. So-called ‘traditional Aborigines’, led by Bess Price, are now at loggerheads with so-called ‘fair-skinned’ Aboriginals and the only people to blame for this tragedy are people like Bolt and his kind who have relentlessly been driving a wedge between the two groups in order to isolate fair-skinned Aboriginal people from their traditional heritage.

Like all white supremacist racists, it is clear that Bolt’s aim is to first deny ‘fair-skinned’ Aboriginal people of their identity and heritage starting with those who are active in Indigenous politics. After being demonised by Bolt and co to start with, he next sought an ideological alliance with ‘traditional Aborigines’ who have been lured into Bolt’s racist camp with promises of exorcising ‘fair-skinned’ people from entitlements with the money saved presumably going back to ‘traditional’ people. Added to that has been the promise of political power for the likes of the racist Bess Price.

I don’t take to calling anyone a racist likely, especially someone of a race that has itself been abused so appallingly in the past and, indeed it seems, still is. However, the fact is that racism isn’t confined to white people abusing non-white people. People of different races have been abusing other people based on race ever since humankind evolved. But today the new racism of divide and rule by dictating who can identify as what is just another facet of white Australian racism trying to eliminate identity and heritage with the ultimate goal of ‘breeding out’ Aboriginality entirely.

The tragic irony is that Bess Price’s own great-grandchildren, since she is married to a white European, will most likely themselves eventually be exorcised from their own Aboriginal heritage in much the same way as Bess Price and Andrew Bolt wants to exorcise ‘fair-skinned’ people from their Aboriginality today. Within just a few more decades there’ll be few, if any, Aboriginal people left in Australia and their heritage will have all but disappeared.   

Friday, August 24, 2012


There can be only one reason – and one reason only – why certain segments of Australian society do not want asylum seeking boatpeople in Australia; xenophobic racism.

Today Bolt wrote a column complaining that the Australian government was contemplating flying asylum seekers direct to Australia from Indonesia. For years Bolt has been complaining that asylum seekers risked being killed by coming to Australia on unseaworthy and overloaded boats but now the Australian government has woken up and figured out that it’s far cheaper and much safer to fly them here, Bolt is still complaining.

The comments by his coterie of bloggies expose themselves for what they really are. Here’s just a few:

‘John of Canberra‘ says:
Flying them back home makes more sense.

‘Shogun’ seems to think:
The whole situation is totally out of control, instead of flying back to Nauru, why don’t we fly them back home to where they came from.
If these people end up getting visa’s, it is totally unfair for those that emigrate legally.

‘Carbon worker of Runaway Beach, Australia’ is at least honest enough to admit that he’s nothing other than a racist:
This is now unequivocally proven to be a deliberate white genocide cultural time bomb inflicted on us by the Marxist regime.
It’s time.

The same old canards about ‘queue-jumping’, ‘illegal immigrants’, ‘country shoppers’, ‘economic refugees’, etc., are still being used in blissful ignorance of reality.

Bolt and his tiny mob of racist xenophobic Bloggies are trying to set the agenda of Australia’s refugee policy. These are sick people that are bringing down Australia’s reputation of being a ‘fair go’ country and dragging us back to the dark days of the old ‘White Australia’ mentality.

The quicker Bolt and his ilk are shut down, the better for Australia and the better for the world.

Free speech is one thing; racist hate-speak and vilification of people who are different is something else.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Andrew Bolt, Australia’s most despicable racist, seems to be intent on reducing the indigenous population in Australia. One has to wonder if his eventual aim is not to ‘breed them out of existence’ entirely.

His program – or should that be ‘pogrom’ – is to start by accusing some indigenous people of not being Aboriginal because they look white. His eventual aim with this first part of his campaign to rid Australia of its Aboriginal peoples is to excise from the Aboriginal community those that do not actually look Aboriginal. In order to provide himself with credibility he has managed to garner the support of a full blood Aboriginal politician, Bess Price, who has jumped on the bandwagon of Aboriginality for purely political purposes.

As a result, Bolt has now succeeded in setting Aboriginal people against Aboriginal people. His next move no doubt will be to advocate for a ‘standard’ to be set for Aboriginality with a cut off point dictating where on ones family tree the last full-blood Aboriginal relative should be positioned before one is classed as Aboriginal and, after which, one cannot claim Aboriginality. (Shades of Nazi Race laws creeping in here. You could not have been a Nazi in the SS unless you could prove racial purity back to 1750.)

Will Australia see officers of the Australian Racial Hygiene and Demographic Biology Research Unit running around Australia measuring up the facial features of those who are claiming to be Aboriginal?

Some people have suggested to me that Andrew Bolt is just a harmless racist crank and should be left to prattle his nonsense without drawing attention to him. The problem, however, is that Bolt is no longer just a harmless racist crank; he has support from one of the world’s most powerful media men. He has his own blog. He has his own TV show. And he has a small but dedicated following of likeminded followers who seem to have been taken in by his racist garbage.

Just when Australia seemed to be getting rid of its racist image, we now look even worse than we ever were.

It’s time to shut Bolt down before his obnoxious race hatred really does get the better of Australia.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Somehow, Andrew Bolt, Australia’s foremost and loudest racist, has managed to divide the Aboriginal community by giving voice to some Aboriginal people that, for purely political reasons, have chosen also to deny those that claim Aboriginal heritage any rights that other more obviously Aboriginal people are able to currently enjoy.

Little do they realise that these people are cutting off their noses to spite their face.

Bolt’s intention ultimately is simply to deny all Aboriginal people any special rights or privileges based on their Aboriginality. Bolt has begun his racist campaign by attempting to pick on Aboriginal people that had lost their appearance of being Aboriginal arguing that they were not actually Aboriginal and therefore not entitled to the various rights and privileges that other Aboriginal people enjoy.

Bolt came unstuck with this endeavour when, not only did he claim that some Aboriginal were not Aboriginal and therefore not entitled to these various special rights and privileges, but they were being fraudulent in claiming these rights and privileges because, so Bolt claimed, they knew that were not Aboriginal and were only claiming Aboriginality in order to have the rights and privileges accorded to Aboriginal people.

Fortunately, the Aboriginal people that were thus maligned took Bolt to court on the basis that Bolt had defamed them by saying they were frauds. Judge Mordy agreed that they had, indeed, been defamed because the Aboriginal people concerned had identified as Aboriginal long before any of them could have had any understanding about what rights and privileges were available to them. The Judge also found that, while they may have lost their Aboriginal appearance, it did not make them any the less Aboriginal from the point of view of heritage.

Now Bolt is trying another tack. A few Aboriginal people have stated that some people who claim Aboriginal heritage look like ‘whitefellas’ to them. Bolt has given these people a voice at this blog. But you have to wonder why these people are turning against their own. There could be two reasons. One, they are racist themselves and see the full-blood Aboriginal as the only true Aboriginal and, therefore, are the only people entitled to the rights and privileges afforded to Aboriginal people, and, two, they want to big note them selves for political reasons, as clearly Bess Price, an Aboriginal women who wants to stand as a Country Liberal Party candidate in the upcoming Northern Territory elections, is doing. Similarly, one has to wonder why Aboriginal artist Dallas Scott would also want to split hairs over Aboriginality.

Aboriginal people have been abused ever since ‘whitefellas’ first stepped foot in their lands. It’s a pity that it is ‘whitefellas’ that are again abusing Aboriginal people by causing divisions amongst them in this way. It will be the beginning of the end for Aboriginal people if people like Bolt succeed in getting those with more obvious Aboriginality to also shun those with a less obvious claim to Aboriginality in their heritage as Bolt has.

It’ll be a very dark day indeed when some groups of Aboriginal people tell another group of Aboriginal people that their Aboriginality has been effectively bred out of them, because it will then be only a matter of time before they are all gone forever.   

Friday, July 13, 2012


Andrew Bolt today played the race card yet again by accusing a black athlete of playing the race card by complaining about being discriminated against.

Bolt, even if he knows nothing else about human decency, truly knows the meaning of the word ‘Chutzpah’!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Rumours are flying around at the Herald-Sun offices about Andrew Bolt’s intentions. It’s reckoned that he maybe hanging in at the Herald-Sun treading water while he waits for Gina Rinehart to get her foot in the door at Fairfax.

Ever since his publishers stopped him from doing his own blog moderating and then failed to find staff moderators to do the job due, so Bolt claims, to staff cut-backs, Bolt’s readership has dropped dramatically to the point where he’s no longer earning his keep.

Bolt’s quick staccato ‘cut and paste’ style of blogging journalism where he simply regurgitates stuff that others have written which he can then scoff at with just a sentence or two suited his column to attract interactive readers keen to comment about his posts, but it loses momentum when there’s no response. Readers have lost interest and gone elsewhere.

But Bolt has only himself to blame. He refused to publish dissenting views and even deleted dissenting views that snuck in under his radar. I emailed him and complained about most of my comments not being published and some being deleted after being published. I told him that, if I didn’t get a reasonable explanation for his action, I’d complain to the Australian Press Council (APC). He emailed me back saying that if I threatened him with ‘legal action’ (by which he meant me making a complaint to the APC) he would ban me. He was hoping to put me in a Catch 22 situation whereby, if I complained to the APC about being banned from writing dissenting comments and threats to ban me, he’d ban me anyway because it ‘wasn’t worth the legal risk to them’ – whatever that was supposed to mean. Anyway, it seems it has backfired on him and now no one is allowed to comment and his blog has all but dried up.

If, indeed, Bolt was hoping for Rinehart to get her foot in the Fairfax door and then offer him a blog at, say, The Age, then he might just have to think again.

Rinehart’s plans to get seats and influence on the Fairfax board, which may well have allowed her to get a spot for Bolt, seems to have stalled lately, especially since the rest of the Fairfax board are insisting that she has nothing to do with the editorial content of the company’s products.

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I was wondering how long it would take him, but finally, Bolt’s got the idea:

We’re now picking up boat people almost within sight of the Indonesian coast - so why not just pick them up from the airport and spare the expense?

Why not indeed! I’ve been advocating doing just that for yonks. It’s good to see he’s finally woken up. Virtually all of them are going to end up here anyway, so why not?

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Andrew Bolt today told his dwindling readership about the Barokah boatpeople tragedy which occurred in December last year when a boat full of asylum seekers capsized in Indonesian waters and Australian authorities refused to help in the rescue. The disaster, the scale of which is only just becoming known – as is Australia’s role, or rather lack of it, in the events that followed the initial distress call from the boat – is an indictment of the Australian government.

For the racist Bolt, however, this is simply another opportunity to propagandise his anti-boatpeople stance by pretending to be horrified at the tragedy and saying that it is another reason why boatpeople should be deterred from coming to Australia and that incarceration in places they don’t want to be while they await a long drawn ‘processing’ of their claims will provide that deterrence.

To top it off, Bolt then uses the tragedy to push his anti-Left barrow saying that, “if this had happened under John Howard’s watch, we’d no doubt have had another SIEV X spate of protests and plays, accusing the Liberals of murder”.

Of course, it doesn’t matter under whose watch the incident occurred, someone needs to be held accountable, and policies need to be put in place to ensure that asylum seeking refugees that want to come to Australia are able to do so safely without risk of either sinking or going to off shore detention centers for indefinite periods if they survive the journey.

Australian’s need to demand an enquiry into the incident and to demand that refugees are treated a refugees and not criminals that need locking up.

Friday, July 6, 2012


There was a time when every rednecked Islamophobic racist in Australia would get on to Bolt’s blog for a read or to drop a comment in support of his xenophobic nonsense. However, since his managers have banned him from moderating comments at his own blog, his audience, according to my spy at the Herald-Sun, has plummeted and are likely to fall much further as more and more readers find it impossible to get a word in edgeways and simply lose interest and either not bother attempting to make comments or migrate to Bolt’s competition at Tim Blair’s Blog for Morons. The bottom line is; Bolt’s influence is on the wane and, hopefully, this will reflect in the long term on public opinion and possibly even on the numbers watching his Bolt Report show on Ten.

This can only be good news for real Australia.

Bolt has been his own worst enemy. He’s moaned and carried on about freedom of speech yet the reason for his managers banning him from moderating his own blog is because he has hypocritically been deleting or not allowing to be published comments that dissent from his own view. Some people – myself included – have stood up to his abuse of his blog in this manner and have complained to the Australian Press Council. This has been the result.

The downside, of course, is that the likes of Tim Blair and Piers Akerman are likely to get an increase in readership as the Bolt’s Bloggies attempt to find another vent for their racist and Islamophobic garbage.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


While Australians and the politicians hum and ah over the deaths of hundreds of asylum seeking boatpeople and then argue among themselves as to whether the Nauru solution is better than the Malaysia solution, why aren’t Australians discussing the most obvious solution? It’s a solution which avoids all the deaths and misery of indefinite incarceration. Let’s call it the Australian solution – which is to bring them direct to Australia by the safest means possible which is flying them here. If they can pay people smugglers thousands of dollars then they can surely afford the $450 fare on an airline ticket to get here.

These people want to come to Australia. The vast majority of them will end up here eventually anyway - regardless of where they are sent to - so why do we need to send them to Malaysia or Nauru or anywhere else first?

The answer is blindingly obvious.

The reality is, frightened as most Australians are to admit it, some Australians are racists. Politicians and commentators on the right do not want Islamic or non-Europeans in Australia, it’s as simple as that. They’ll deny that they are racists until the cows come home, but that’s what they are - racist. And when I say politicians on the right, I’m not just talking about Liberals; I’m also talking about some in the Labor ranks as well. And of those politicians that aren’t racist, there are many that, for the sake of politics, will bow to public opinion or, at least, to the loudest or most influential of commentators in the media that are also blatant racists and who are currently pushing public opinion against boatpeople.

Despite the denials of the racist right, Australia has a long history of racism. Not only do Australia’s racists don’t want non-white boatpeople in Australia, they never really wanted the non-white people that were already here when their antecedents first arrived here a little over a couple of hundred years ago. And white Australians have been kicking up a fuss every time a non-white group arrived on our shores ever since.

The racist attitudes of some Australians haven’t changed with the arrivals of the latest groups of people wanting to come to Australia – boatpeople who are mostly from places we were involved in invading but, more importantly, mostly Islamic.

It’s time Australians got to grip with themselves and faced the reality that it is complacent majority of Australians who allow the minority of racists among us to dominate the policies that lead to the deaths of the boatpeople.

Enough is enough. Those Australians that call for a halt to boatpeople arriving in Australia should be called out for what they really are – racists every single one of them!

Raise the refugee intake quota and fly them in!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It seems there may have been another boatpeople tragedy near Christmas Island with a boat carrying some 150 people capsizing.

The Murdoch racist Andrew Bolt has predictably been quick to seize the propaganda moment using the tragedy once again to peddle his anti-boatpeople racism that demands that boatpeople are stopped by imprisoning them in places they don’t want to be for long periods. Somehow, so Bolt and a myriad of other racists and assorted xenophobes think, this will stop boats from being unseaworthy and allowing boatpeople safe passage to Australia.

The only way to stop the drownings is for the Indonesian and Australian governments to get together and provide seaworthy boats or, better still – and cheaper – aircraft for those wishing to seek asylum in Australia.


This could be good news for those that challenge Andrew Bolt’s extreme right-wing views at his online blog. In his latest post he writes, almost as an ‘Oh, and I nearly forgot’:

Please note: I am told there will be no moderating of this blog outside office hours.

He then adds very importantly and hoping no one really notices:

I cannot moderate it myself, I am told.

Last week Bolt deleted a comment I made against one of his posts saying: ‘SNIPPED FOR STUPIDITY’. My comment was well within the guidelines so I emailed Bolt and asked why it had been ‘snipped’ and told him that, if I did not receive a satisfactory explanation, I would lodge a complaint with the Australian Press Council (APC).

Despite being within the guidelines, Bolt said that my comment was vilifying, stupid and defamatory. Of course, it was nothing of the sort. Bolt then said that if I took ‘legal action’ he would ban me from commenting on his blog.

I have since lodged my complaint with the APC.

I don’t know, but I hope that Bolt’s gagging by his own publishers has been as a result of my and I suspect others complaints and I look forward to challenging his extreme right-wing views by commenting at his blog.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last week I was wondering if Bolt wasn’t angling for a director’s seat on the Fairfax board. Now, with the resignation of several senior editors of both the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age, both Fairfax newspapers, one might wonder if Andrew Bolt might be looking at becoming an editor instead, after all, he did his cadetship with The Age and, given the circumstances currently prevailing, I wouldn’t mind betting that he has a hankering to go full circle. And maybe a seat on the board as well given his sucking up to Gina Rinehart of late!


Friday, June 22, 2012


Bolt’s column continued today to sickenly exploit the recent boatpeople tragedy by cynically calling for the government to stop the boats by threatening people that come to Australia by boat with long detention in places they don’t want to be in order to deter them from coming to Australia.

Clearly, the only reason they want to deter asylum seeking boatpeople from coming to Australia, is not because they care about their safety, but because they are Islamophobic racists and do not want non-white people to come to Australia. It’s as simple as that.  


Bolt headlines a post at his online blog with:

For Bolt, the shooting down of a Turkish jet by Syria is an excuse to kick off WW3. Never mind that the Turkish warplane had flown into Syrian airspace and never mind that Syria had since apologised for the incident and are assisting in the search and rescue of the two crew of the downed aircraft.

Now it’s Bolt the Warmonger.


In a post today at his online blog at the Herald-Sun, Andrew Bolt wrote:

The danger of riots isn’t just or even mainly a sign of economic stress. It is also a sign of increased tribalism…

First off, one needs to ask; ‘What riots?’ Well, apparently there was a ‘secret briefing’ to the government warning of the vague possibility that if the economy turns a bit nasty there ay be some riots in the streets by those unfortunate enough to be effected by such a downturn in the economy.

Bolt, however, sees this more of a racial thing than an economic thing. Never one to miss an opportunity to stir the racial pot, Bolt, merely by mentioning the notion that riots could be ‘a sign of increased tribalism’ – when there is no evidence at all that there will be any riots, let alone race riots – is effectively encouraging just that.

What else would one expect from a convicted racist.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Pretending to actually care about what happens to boatpeople, Andrew Bolt was quick to grab another propaganda opportunity today as news of a potential boatpeople disaster unfolds.

“Yet another ghastly tragedy in the making, with yet more boat people lured into deadly peril by criminally weak border laws”, Bolt exclaims as he rushes to blame the government for allowing the boatpeople to arrive in Australia for the disaster as though off-shore processing would have prevented the accident.

These people are going to arrive here regardless. The Australian government and the Indonesians need to find another way of getting them here safely.

Meanwhile, stopping the wars that cause refugees in the first place, and not starting other wars will help the boatpeople problem.

The Western governments, including the Australian government, have only itself to blame for these problems. Most of the refugees coming to Australia are from Afghanistan and Iraq – wars that Australia willingly helped in starting.


Bolt’s latest post at his online blog at the Herald-Sun infers that too many indigenous people are claiming to be indigenous.

He thinks last year’s census figures prove it.

Fortunately, the rednecks and racists that inhabit his blog have been deprived of the right to peddle their sick views; comments are not allowed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Murdoch racist, Andrew Bolt of Melbourne’s Herald-Sun, has been barracking vigorously for Gina Rinehart’s efforts to gain control of Fairfax these past few weeks (see here for his latest effort); so vigorously in fact, you really have to wonder what’s in it for him.

Ever since Rinehart bought into Channel Ten and Bolt got his Bolt Report propaganda spot there, he’s pushed and defended Rinehart’s invasion of Fairfax’s editorial independence claiming that, if she owns it, she can do what she likes with it.

While Rinehart is now the majority shareholder of Fairfax, she doesn’t have the majority of shares so, even if she does get a seat on the board of directors, she will still have the rest of the board to contend with – which is why she’s demanding three seats on the board.

Presumably she’d take one of them for herself, but who has she got in mind for the other two? Is this why Bolt is sucking up to Rinehart so vigorously?

Bolt wielding influence in both of Melbourne’s online papers? Goodbye democracy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The very rich have always played a part in government but, for most of them, their decision to enter politics was for truly altruistic reasons. They believed that their experience in business could contribute to the well-being of the entire nation and that the nation as a whole would benefit from their management and decision-making skills. There were, of course, some that said that they were entering politics for purely altruistic reasons but either had ulterior motives for doing so in the first place or, alternatively, soon discovered that their position offered opportunities that could be exploited in order to covertly enrich themselves through various devious contrivances while being in politics. Such people, for better or worse, have been involved in politics for eons ever since ‘politics’ was invented.

Today, however, a frightening new trend is developing in Australia. No longer are the mega-rich entering politics in order to help create a better nation - and in recent history the likes of Malcolm Fraser and Malcolm Turnbull might be numbered among those. Today the mega-rich are quite overtly attempting to buy their way into both power and influence for no other purpose than to further enrich themselves and their shareholders.

Yesterday, Queensland businessman Clive Palmer announced his intention to enter Federal politics by running against Labor Federal Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan in Swan’s electorate of Lilley, Queensland. Palmer, whose main business interests are in mining, has made it quite clear that his purpose and intention for entering politics in this way is to fight against the proposed Mineral Resource Rent Tax and carbon tax which would directly affect his personal fortune and his company’s bottom line.

Joining Palmer in the quest for governmental power and influence in order to directly protect their assets and avoid having to pay the proposed taxes is fellow mining magnate Gina Rinehart of Western Australia. While Palmer is attempting to get into Federal parliament in order to get rid of the taxes, Rinehart’s preferred method of influence is to buy up interests in Australia’s media through which she hopes to influence public opinion by using aggressive right-wing media propagandists. In 2010 Rinehart took a 10% holding in Ten Network Holdings and has also latterly acquired a substantial holding in the slightly left of center Fairfax Media.

Already Rinehart’s influence in the Ten Network is paying dividends. The right-wing Murdoch commentator and Rinehart and Palmer supporter, Andrew Bolt, now has his own program at Ten, The Bolt Report, which overtly and frequently pushes  both Palmer’s and Rinehart’s personal agendas with regard to the mining tax and the carbon tax. Bolt also pushes those same agendas at his online column and blog at Melbourne’s Murdoch-owned Herald-Sun.

And, finally, there’s the perennial right-wing media player himself, Rupert Murdoch, who already wields massive conservative media influence throughout Australia and much of the Western world and whose journalists and commentators in Australia are already pushing the new paradigm of governance by the mega-rich in order to further enrich those that hope to eventually govern. Besides Andrew Bolt, Murdoch’s Australian media has a whole gamut of journalists and commentators who seem willing to take up the miners cause. In recent days, Murdoch’s UK newspaper The Sun has even been seconded to help the conservative cause in Australia with headlines that blatantly demonised the Gillard government.   

The domination of government and the media by the wealthy for the sole purpose of further enriching those that govern represents a fundamental change in our democratic system that, if successful, does not bode well for the political health of Australia. With the demise of the altruistic motives of the well-heeled and the well-intentioned being replaced by those that openly wield their wealth in order to influence, govern and then profit, Australians face a bleak future – if, that is, the mega-rich are allowed to get their way.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


In his online blog today at Murdoch’s Herald-Sun newspaper, Andrew Bolt, a well known convicted Australian racist, has suggested that Australia stop allowing black African migrants into Australia.

The article is probably the most blatant piece of racism yet from Bolt who usually attempts to avoid being so obvious about his racism.

Bolt uses an article in the Age newspaper as an opportunity to peddle his hatred. The article tells of a group of Australian students who happen to be black who are complaining of police harassment when they visit the inner city in Melbourne. They have said that many of them are getting fed up with this harassment and, if it continues, there could possibly be a backlash such as there was last August in the UK when Londoners rioted over the death of a black Londoner who was shot to death by the police.

Racism, sponsored deliberately by the likes of Andrew Bolt and his fellow Murdoch so-called ‘journalists’ like the Islamophobic Tim Blair, Piers Akerman et al, is marginalising black youth in Melbourne who, in turn, look to each other for socialising and studying whilst readying themselves for work – if they can get it.

It’s time to end racism in Australia. Bolt’s blatant racism should never be allowed to take hold in Australia.

Monday, May 7, 2012


White ultra right-wing racists in Australia and neoconservatives in America have both adopted a propaganda line which seeks to vilify people who identify as having native heritage. The racists of Australia and the neocons of America do this by claiming that some people who identify as having native heritage but who have lost much or all of the physical features associated with the native people of Australia or America respectively are using their racial identity for purely pecuniary reasons. However, while both propaganda memes are racially based, the reasons why Australian natives are abused in this way and the reasons why American natives appear to be abused similarly are quite different from each other.

In Australia, the ultra-racist Murdoch journalist, Andrew Bolt, was recently found guilty of racial vilification in an Australian Federal Court. Judge Mordy Bromberg found Bolt guilty of vilification by virtue of Bolt’s claim that the Aboriginal people he was referring to were not really Aboriginal and only claimed to be Aboriginal in order to gain certain financial benefits. Judge Bromberg found for the plaintiffs based on the fact that the plaintiffs, all with Aboriginal heritage, had, despite their lack of Aboriginal features, identified as being Aboriginal and had always been accepted as Aboriginal by Aboriginal people for all of their lives and long before they had any knowledge of awards or grants being available to Aboriginal people. Judge Bromberg found that Bolt had failed to support his claim that those Aboriginal people concerned had claimed Aboriginality solely for the purpose of gaining a pecuniary advantage and that, in accusing them of fraud, Bolt had racially vilified them. For Bolt the intent was to vilify Aborigines that were fair skinned and had lost the Aboriginal features of their ancestors. The accusation that they had defrauded the Australian taxpayer by claiming Aboriginality was merely an excuse that provided Bolt with yet another opportunity to push his racist propaganda in his online column at Melbourne’s Murdoch-owned Herald-Sun newspaper. Judge Bromberg saw through Bolt’s deception and found for the plaintiffs.

In America, the neoconservatives are currently pushing a similar line about racial identity against a candidate for the US Senate, Elizabeth Warren. Needless to say, Professor Warren is a Democrat and she will be running against the Republican incumbent, Scott Brown in the upcoming elections.

As seems to be the norm in American politics these days, especially during election seasons, both sides tend to dig up as much ‘dirt’ as possible about their adversary and sling it at each other in the hope that some might stick thus giving the other some kind of advantage. Usually, the kind of ‘dirt’ dug up tends to be about the honesty and integrity of the other and thus goes to credibility.

In the case of Elizabeth Warren, it appears that at some stage in her career she had claimed American native heritage by virtue of her great-great-great-grandmother being identified as a Cherokee Native American. Warren’s neoconservative detractors claim that she made such a claim in order to gain a benefit in her academic career. Following typical neoconservative propaganda practice, the author of The Weekly Standard article, Michael Warren, (presumably no relation!) isn’t quite game enough to out-rightly state that Elizabeth Warren was flat out lying about her heritage, so instead, he quotes someone else who is game enough to say she is lying and, in this way, projects his endorsement of the idea whilst avoiding any potential legal action against him for defaming her.

While the accusations made by Andrew Bolt in Australia are the same as the accusations made by the Republicans and their neoconservative supporters in the US and which are as despicable as each other, the motives for Bolt’s accusations against the Australian Aboriginals are completely different from the neocon’s accusations against Elizabeth Warren. For Bolt the motivation was quite simply to racially vilify Aboriginal people generally, while in the US the neocons were simply attempting to defame a political adversary for political reasons though, in the process, they have also managed to vilify a person of native heritage.

Bolt is complaining that he is being denied his freedom of speech by being ordered by Judge Bromberg not to vilify in future. He points to the same accusations being levelled freely against Elizabeth Warren in the US as an example how the right to freedom of speech should be applied in Australia. But this, again, is just a propaganda ploy Bolt is using. Judge Bromberg has not deprived Bolt his freedom of speech as he claims, but rather Bromberg has merely found Bolt guilty of vilification and has warned him against re-offending.

Conversely, in the US, while the neocons accusations are despicable and may be considered bordering on vilification, the accusations were made primarily and deliberately to defame Elizabeth Warren for political reasons. Warren may or may not find that she has reasonable grounds to take her detractors to court but, if she does, it will be to sue them for defaming her whereas the Aboriginal people who took Bolt to court did so because they were vilified by him. His defaming them was as a result of his vilification of them, but in the case of Elizabeth Warren, her vilification is as a result of the neocons defaming her.

The two cases have similarities but have very different motives. Bolt cannot claim they are the same and hold the US up as a shining example of free speech.