Andrew Bolt is Australia's most dangerous racist. He is employed by a major Australian regional newspaper and a TV station that broadcasts nationwide in order for him to directly peddle his racist and Islamophobic propaganda. His blog at Rupert Murdoch's Herald-Sun newspaper enjoys the support of a small but dedicated group of like-minded extreme right-wing bigots, rednecks and racists who regularly comment at his blog, and his TV spot is financially supported by various asssorted climate change deniers who have a vested interest in being anti-renewable resources and pro-pollutionist.

Bolt is dangerous because he has a wide audience that his employers see as being gullible to their brand of media propaganda.

This blog aims to expose Bolt for what he really is - a deceitful propagandist intent on dividing Australians by promoting fear and paranoia of multiculturalism. Without the backing of the likes of Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, et al, Bolt is nothing.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In his column today, Andrew Bolt, Australia’s most outrageous racist, attempts to deceive his detractors by pretending he actually cares for the plight of those boatpeople in Australia who may be sent to Malaysia where refugees are kept in appalling conditions. The government’s proposed five-for-one deal with Malaysia whereby 800 asylum seeking boatpeople in Australia will be sent to Malaysia in exchange for 4000 refugees currently being held there is at the core of Bolt’s deceit. The problem for Bolt isn’t really the well being of the 800 that may be sent into horrendous conditions but, rather, the 4000 non-European refugees that could arrive in Australia for settlement.

In the event that Gillard is forced to abandon the plan because of the appalling conditions in Malaysia, it will be a win-win for racists like Bolt because they will have stopped an extra 3200 non-European refugees from having the opportunity of coming to Australia as well as having scored a propaganda victory against their political enemy.

The ideal situation now is for Australia to take 3200 refugees from Malaysia and keep the 800 that were to be sent there. That way 800 will not be sent to suffer and 3200 will be relieved of their suffering. All should then be released into the community.

It’s a win-win for refugees and lose-lose for racists!

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