Andrew Bolt is Australia's most dangerous racist. He is employed by a major Australian regional newspaper and a TV station that broadcasts nationwide in order for him to directly peddle his racist and Islamophobic propaganda. His blog at Rupert Murdoch's Herald-Sun newspaper enjoys the support of a small but dedicated group of like-minded extreme right-wing bigots, rednecks and racists who regularly comment at his blog, and his TV spot is financially supported by various asssorted climate change deniers who have a vested interest in being anti-renewable resources and pro-pollutionist.

Bolt is dangerous because he has a wide audience that his employers see as being gullible to their brand of media propaganda.

This blog aims to expose Bolt for what he really is - a deceitful propagandist intent on dividing Australians by promoting fear and paranoia of multiculturalism. Without the backing of the likes of Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, et al, Bolt is nothing.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I wrote the following article over year ago about Bolt’s hatred and demonising of African immigrants in Australia. Today Bolt continues his disgusting rant about African immigrants and Australians who have an African background. Read his nonsense here before reading what I wrote last year.

Below is what I wrote last year. Nothing changes with Bolt – and Murdoch still provides a platform for Bolt’s racism.

In his online blog today at Murdoch’s Herald-Sun newspaper, Andrew Bolt, a well known convicted Australian racist, has suggested that Australia stop allowing black African migrants into Australia.

The article is probably the most blatant piece of racism yet from Bolt who usually attempts to avoid being so obvious about his racism.

Bolt uses an article in the Age newspaper as an opportunity to peddle his hatred. The article tells of a group of Australian students who happen to be black who are complaining of police harassment when they visit the inner city in Melbourne. They have said that many of them are getting fed up with this harassment and, if it continues, there could possibly be a backlash such as there was last August in the UK when Londoners rioted over the death of a black Londoner who was shot to death by the police.

Racism, sponsored deliberately by the likes of Andrew Bolt and his fellow Murdoch so-called ‘journalists’ like the Islamophobic Tim Blair, Piers Akerman, et al, is marginalising black youth in Melbourne who, in turn, look to each other for socialising and studying whilst readying themselves for work – if they can get it.

It’s time to end racism in Australia. Bolt’s blatant racism should never be allowed to take hold in Australia.


  1. Andrew Bolt should be shot...the likes of him, Alan Jones, Piers Akerman etc continue to make Australia look like some second rate, back water racist enclave

    1. Shot might be going a bit too far, Robert, but I understand the sentiment. I'll settle for him and the others just being removed from positions of influence.

  2. I wrote to this muppet once in the guise of a supporter, it was too easy and I almost but not quite felt sorry that I was so easily able to connect to his prejudices and fears, he responded as if I was a long lost brother lol Fool.