Andrew Bolt is Australia's most dangerous racist. He is employed by a major Australian regional newspaper and a TV station that broadcasts nationwide in order for him to directly peddle his racist and Islamophobic propaganda. His blog at Rupert Murdoch's Herald-Sun newspaper enjoys the support of a small but dedicated group of like-minded extreme right-wing bigots, rednecks and racists who regularly comment at his blog, and his TV spot is financially supported by various asssorted climate change deniers who have a vested interest in being anti-renewable resources and pro-pollutionist.

Bolt is dangerous because he has a wide audience that his employers see as being gullible to their brand of media propaganda.

This blog aims to expose Bolt for what he really is - a deceitful propagandist intent on dividing Australians by promoting fear and paranoia of multiculturalism. Without the backing of the likes of Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, et al, Bolt is nothing.

Monday, June 23, 2014


In his blog today Bolt continues with his Islamophobic obsession about Muslims migrating to Australia. In last Sunday’s Bolt Report Bolt asked Immigration Minister Scott Morrison if we shouldn’t be ‘screening people from or born of people from the Middle East for cultural compatibility’.

Bolt would argue that this is not racism because Islam is not a race but a religion. However, if one were to criticise Judaism, Bolt would be the first to accuse you, quite rightly, of anti-Semitism for being anti-Jewish yet Judaism is a religion and not a race. While it is true that most folk that practice Judaism are indeed Jewish, many are not racial Jews. Most are descendants of converts to Judaism but nonetheless, to criticise Judaism, regardless of whether or not those that practice Judaism are actually racial Jews, is still anti-Semitic. But that’s where the line is drawn. People like Bolt and his fellow neoconservatives would also accuse those who are anti-Zionism as being anti-Semite when the reality is that Zionism is a political ideology and race is incidental to that ideology with, again, most adherents being descendants of converts to Judaism. In short, to be anti-Judaism the religion is racist but to be anti-Zionist the political ideology is not.

By the same virtue, to be anti-Islam the religion, as Bolt and his fellow neoconservative are, is racist, while to be anti-jihad as a political creed is not.

Different religions are a part of many peoples culture and to discriminate against a culture often means discriminating against their religion and vice-versa. To discriminate against a culture by ‘screening for compatibility’ is racist. Racism is more than just being about blood and skin colour, it’s also about religion, heritage and culture. To discriminate against someone on the basis of their religion or culture is as much racism as discriminating against them on the basis of heir physical appearance such as skin colour or blood.  


  1. 200,000 Muslims were murdered,not including the numbers injured,raped and billions lost in property damage. This concerted attempt at ethnic cleansing by Bosnian Serbs was never called Christian or Orthodox terrorism. No acts of revenge against Christians ,Westerners or their property were ever carried out in any Middle Eastern or Muslim country.
    3000 people died on 9/11 and a war on terror declared and not a war on Islam.
    Who is Andrew Bolt when not a right wing opinionator and a convicted racist? The second generation Australian born child of a Dutch migrant satellite family that never really integrated within the communities they lived. A loner he says largely influenced by his mother.Bolt was drawn more to the Dutch culture of his mother than the working class culture of his mother. So much so he went to live in Aalsmeer with his mothers relatives.
    During WW2 Aalsmeer a small population was noted for it's Nazi support the elected mayor & council in particular. 100's of cases were tried post war during which 75% of Dutch jews were killed.
    Aalsmeer was also noted for tulips of which Bolt is extremely fond.TULIP coincidentally is an anacronym for the 5 principles of Calvanism and the Dutch Reform Church. One principle is belief in the elect or chosen preordained to go to heaven. Bolt claims to be an agnostic but certainly has the characteristics of a true believer and preacher in his attack on Islam. He claims to hate elitests but aspires to cultural tastes rare amongst his audience of ordinary Australians. He seems to rant against academics I suspect because he was a University dropout. It explains why his journalistic niche is commentating rather than researched argument. He has been known to be loose with facts.
    So by his own admission he was raised in a Dutch family drawn to Dutch culture & tastes a loner remote from the culture in which he was actually born. His father in law introduced him to Aussie life in his 30's. His work mates found him polite, distant and a little superior.
    Bolt has less in common with ordinary Aussies he preaches to an more in common with Dutch Afrikaners and the world view that gave grounds to Aparthied.
    Bolt is a convicted racist who is now in the closet. His attacks on Muslims makes no distinction1.6 billion people are 90++ % colored. 1 Billion Asian, 300mill Middle Eastern and most of the balance African. These are the same racial groups not recognized in white South Africa during Aparthied which he advocates are a danger to Australia. If that's not a return to advocating a White Australia Policy I'll kiss his arse.

    1. imrich12, Bolt was not convicted of racism. He was found guilty for not telling the truth, according to the judge, in his articles - that is a huge difference!

      That is the only thing in your rant that is worth responding to. Maybe your rose colored glasses view of history could do with a clean.

  2. Being labelled an anti-Semite is quite different to being labelled a Racist. For a start, the definition of racism is aimed directly at the prejudiced person who has formed an adverse opinion toward a particular ethnic variety of the human species.

    Being anti-Semite is directly aimed at the person who is hostile toward the Jewish people.

    The difference being, anti-Semite = hostility while racism = an adverse opinion.

    I have no idea what your background is, but it would appear to me that you are completely ignorant of Islam and its goals. Then again maybe you are Muslim putting out taqiyya to the infidel?

    By any definition that fits the description of religion, Islam is most definitely NOT a religion.

    Islam's history is written in blood over 1400 years. Islam has unsuccessfully tried to invade Europe over that time on three separate occasions. We are now in the middle of the Fourth Great Jihad and all you wish to do is to castigate those who are trying to warn you about it!

    1. Unlike Christians 1.3 billion Asians & Africans came to Islam through trade and not conquest.

    2. Nemesis:A friend of mine has and still is trading in Islamic countries. Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco. He's Jewish and in Peshawar at least twice a year and the same number of times in Sanaa and Marakesh. He is a small trader an anomaly to western intelligence. Everybody knows he's Jewish he will like you and I die of old age and not at the hands of some salivating half crazed muslim jihadi obliged by his religion.
      I have also been to and through Turkey, Iran,Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia & Indonesia not as a tourist but doing business for the past 30 years.
      My friend Brian is racially Jewish yes a Semite. My father was but my mother wasn't I'm Catholic (lapsed) Hitler would have had me for toast. Judaism does'nt recognize me. Sorry your perfect definitions come from the dictionary of bigotry & at the extreme end it would seem.
      I don't know how close and personal your relationship with various the various religions is, but I suspect your opinions are text driven only and little to do with experience or humanity.
      All the muslims I have dealt with and have known ( it's not 1.6 billion) have shown more hospitality & less violence to me than I experienced on a Saturday night in Melb. I regret in retirement I no longer feel welcome in my own city yet more welcome in Sydney road Brunswick.

    3. Peter, when studying Islam the very first thing that stands out is that Islam was spread by the sword and not through preaching as was Christianity.

    4. Racism when enshrined in law or regulation is not just adverse opinion. This country had such laws and we repealed them. Indigenous people were not able to vote,were not allowed into bars, were not recognized as owners of traditional land and had no wage protection in this country.Social welfare was used to break up families by regulation. That's not just adverse opinion. Australia had a White Australia Policy which created resentment in our whole region. Resentment the Japanese held since 1920 and still held during WW2. We were an Apartheid nation legislating and regulating the entry and treatment of people by colour. It destroyed the lives of Chinese Aussie families by the fact of refusing entry to the wives and children of those Australian males born here simply because they were coloured.
      There is a cry for a return to similar regulation against a belief system a religion Islam to made central to our Immigration ACT. As 98% of those 1.6 billion muslims are coloured it's quite rightly named Racist.
      It's a cry for Australia to readopt Racist policies, Apartheid policies of the past. It's not just adverse opinion.
      It's not suprising Malaysians and Indonesians look at our behaviour and opinions and resent the way we treat asylum seekers.
      Anti-Semitism currently is not racist but it's certainly predjudice once only applied to Jews dagos wogs & catholics who smelt like frogs ignorant and false opinion. However it has spread from Jews to the rest of semetic people largely because of religion. Did you know for 100 years after Christ's death to become Christian you first had to convert to Judaism. Further that the largest pop of muslims in the world were not converted by the sword or invading army but by peaceful trade. Get out from under your sheet and stop hiding in ignorance.
      I'm sorry Nemesis you don't reveal your name and you speak the language and opinions of somebody under a white sheet bearing a cross. I believe bigots should be allowed to be bigots even at Festivals of Dangerous Ideas. But I also believe section 18c is necessary on an uneven playing field

    5. Peter, what is racism really? It is an adverse reaction to what one may experience about other ethnicities - its a personal choice and that is all it is - and from your latest comment it appears that you may believe that only white man can be racist?

      If that is what you believe then why has only the West adopted multiculturalism while the other non-Western nations, like Japan, China, Korea, Saudi Arabia etc, have not?

      Do you think they may be racist or just being smart?

      It is an inherent trait in humanity to be able to discriminate about what one may like or reject. We all discriminate when we shop and we all discriminate about who we mix with. That is normal human behaviour that the last few decades of multiculturalism has tried to brand as something wrong - when in fact it is as natural as breathing.

      Would you rather mix with those who share your own values or those who do not share your own values?

      Because Islam does not share our Australian values and that is why democracy can never work in any Islamic state!

      Your referral to the White Australia policy - that once safeguarded white Australians against what we now have in our major cities and larger towns - tribes of various ethnicities - was sacrificed on the altar of self loathing for which you seem to display much of in your comment.

      It may interest you to know that the White Australia policy was founded in the knowledge that all who came here - and we had prior to federation many Chinese, Japanese, Afghans, Arabs etc, could be accepted into this nation so long as they fitted in with our culture - you know the old saying about when in Rome don't you?

      If you visit an Islamic state then you had better abide by their Islamic rules or else!

      This country was one of the most successful in integrating other cultures after WW2 who were of similar cultural standards - when you invite someone into your home do you just invite anyone or do you choose whom you invite?

      Muslims do not share our cultural standards in fact they even have a special name for us non-believers which is Kuffar or infidel, kuffar being a derogatory term. Islam is the complete antithesis to what we believe in, but it appears you have yet to realize that.

      You have a tendency to assume too much about what I am or what I believe in - maybe you could take time out and visit my blog which will give more of an idea.

      Section 18C - the cowards wall to hide behind who do not have the balls to front their detractors and would rather leave it to a government body to fight their battles for them.

      You don't believe that the arena of public opinion is a more suitable venue to sort out those kind of problems rather than having a right to be offended and make some money out of being offended?

      You actually support that kind of fascism?

      My oh my, what ever did the world do prior to that section 18C coming into force to sort out those people who offer offensive remarks!

      If someone offers an offensive remark to me I retaliate with my offensive remark back to them - only cowards hide behind special legislation to protect them from 'offense'.

      And your Australian History - as I have learned it - is more from the Collective revisionists who see racism and exploitation in nearly everything to do with the white man. Your obvious self loathing and your insults to the country of your birth - and I am assuming you were born here - I find deplorable and more in common with a treacherous mind than one of sound reasoning.

      You remind me of the person who runs with what he wants to believe in rather than do any serious research into REAL history as opposed to the claptrap that is preached today.

      No need to be sorry for me for It is I who feel sorry for you.

    6. You obviously have a blind spot in your intelligence. Racism can apply to any country. When enshrined in Law and Regulation Predjudice becomes Racism. In Australia our White Australia Policy was Racist in law. South Africa Apartheid was Racist in law.
      I never said only white men could be racist however the history of slavery suggests otherwise slaves were property. That is not adverse opinion.
      Chinese men came here to work run businesses they were made Australian Citizens they had wives and children that weren't naturalised. The WAP enshrined a law deported the wives and kids other than those born here. You praise that. You hate being an Asian nation . You want the reintroduction of Racist laws because you demand Assimilation to have a legal status. You do not seem to see the difference it's not just a matter of semantics and opinion.If that was all I'd just see you as a harmless old bigot but you go much further.

      I don't have to assume anything about you Nemesis other than your parents gave you a strange name. Everything else is self evident you want your prejudices enshrined in law and regulation. Nth Korea has. Southern states of the US once had & are no longer racist just still full of predjudice. Take your sheet off Nemesis you just might see the light.

    7. Peter, it is you that seems to have the blind spot, especially for Islam - the only so called religion on the planet that can issue death sentences for those who become apostate (leave it or convert to some other real religion) and obligates its followers to commit Jihad (act of war against the unbelievers) its more to do with a totalitarian sect than any religion that I would want anything to do with.

      You champion Islam which is the complete antithesis to our own cultural mores and goals - yet you disregard the fact that nearly all of the trouble spots in the world today is being caused by Islam!

      Phillipines, Africa, Europe, Britain, Middle East, parts of Asia, The Balkans and China are all experiencing 'problems' with Islam, yet you choose to ignore the obvious while promoting the false history of Islam.

      You touch on slavery. It may interest you to know that the biggest slavers of old and even today is Islam - don't take my word for it though, check it with some research of your own rather than parrot what you may have heard which fits neatly into your comfortable belief system!

      You then go on about some Chinese being deported under the White Australia Policy. I know personally of sixth generation Australians who are of Chinese extraction, actually, they are probably more patriotic Australian than you are. Their history is like anyone else's who came to this land in the Nineteenth Century, reward for work and usually one of hardship in doing so. There are no stories from them about kin being deported simply for being of Chinese extraction.

      Tell me, what is racist about protecting your own kind from the multicultural Hell that Western nations have now been turned into?

      I do demand assimilation as assimilation makes for a more cohesive Australian society than what we now have at present, a loose society without cohesion between the various ethnic tribes that have been allowed to prosper under multiculturalism. I am all for multi-racialism, so long as those who may come here adopt Australian values, but never for the destructive policy of multiculturalism.

      'A harmless old bigot'. Really? into the name calling already? Which generally means you are running out of points with which to counter what I put up.

      Your words, 'I never said only white men could be racist'

      I said it appears you may believe - that is not the same as saying you said it.

      'I don't have to assume anything about you Nemesis other than your parents gave you a strange name.'

      I did offer you to go to my blog site. You could contact me by email where I would be happy to give you my real name. You seem to have a problem with adopted Nom de plume's, why is that?

      You're equating me to some KKK sheet wearer, who incidentally, has more in common with your kind of thinking than even you may realize, is just another ad hominem attack against someone you have no answer to. You have failed to adequately address any question I have asked, and instead, have provided your own prejudiced and ideological answers in return which tells me that you are really not up to providing reasonable and logical argument for your stance.

      You have also displayed an appalling lack of historical knowledge, especially concerning Islam, but most importantly, that of your own nation which has been at the forefront in forging a unique identity that for its small population has made a huge impact on the world at large, but of course is now a disappearing society and culture due to multiculturalism and its fascist enforcer, political correctness.

      You're mentioning of the fascist legislation under Human Rights laws, 18C, that you blindly choose to support is one of the most destructive pieces of legislation to a cultures progress, because if a society cannot publicly criticize that which needs to be criticized, then that society is doomed to stagnation and an eventual slow death, but then again going on your displayed self loathing of your own nation, maybe that doesn't bother you like it does me and other deep thinkers.

  3. Peter, since 9/11 and to date, there have been over 23,000 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide. Currently there is Al Queda, Boko Haram, ISIS, Hezbollah and a myriad other Islamic terror groups - most of which are proscribed as Islamic terrorist groups.

    Please note there are no Christian, Jewish or Buddhist groups anywhere around the world so proscribed.

    Do you believe that there may be something wrong with Islam per se? Do you think there may be something in the Qu'ran and what is preached from the local Mosque that might have a bearing on why there are so many Islamic terror groups?

    Do you know anything at all about Islam apart from what your Muslim friends tell you?

    Do you remember the payback raids against the residents of Maroubra and Cronulla by Lebanese Muslims over three nights following the so called Cronulla Riot?

    Do you know what caused the so called Cronulla Riot to come about?

    For your info, my son in law has a business in Malaysia. He tells me that the people whom he interacts the most with are the local Muslim population that work very hard for the money he pays. He has nothing but praise for their work ethic. But he also tells me that he would not want to live there as the atmosphere in some areas outside of his business area is becoming very anti -Western.

    Did you realize that of nearly all the trouble spots in the world today Islam is involved in most of them?

    Why do you think this is?

    Why do you believe people would identify themselves with their religion first as the Muslim does? Why don't other religious people do the same?

    Your experience with Muslims is with individuals within a state. I am fully aware that there are what I would term closet Muslims, that is those who have no hankering to pray five times a day or run their life to suit the doctrines of Islam, which by the way, and if one studies it, is a totalitarian belief system that directs the devout Muslim in everything he/she does 24/7.

    I would also term those closet Muslims as fence sitters in that they sit and wait to see which way the wind is blowing. When the time comes, I have no doubt that they will also join in with the jihadist's.

    After 9/11 I decided to study up on Islam. In my journey I also became part of, which no longer blogs, but has many of its articles as points of reference at the Australian National library. I wrote some of those articles.

    If you don't wish to study Islam, then I would strongly urge you to at least read some of the articles at that blog site which are still accessible.

    It is never too late to learn about the bloody history and goals of Islam.

  4. I would like to thank the blog operator of this site for allowing the ongoing 'discussion' between Peter and myself that seems to be coming to an end. Thank you.

  5. I don't loathe my country. It allowed me to become a 1% who did and is happy to pay his taxes. It gave me an education and opportunity that not all kids will have in the future. There won't be too many historians about if their degree leaves them with a $550K HECS debt.
    I don't even loathe you Nemesis because I know you will have little impact on the laws of this country and opinion is free.
    I do however loathe this government and in particular it's leader for being the most divisive PM in our history. He's changed the nature of politics. He is the Rhodes scholar who said Australia was "unsettled " before the British arrived and invested here.
    Wrong on two counts.
    Hardly think the prisoners of this colony saw themselves as a British investment

  6. Peter, if you truly do not loathe your country then all I can say is that patriotism must also be a dirty word to you. If you truly do not loathe your country then I would strongly urge you to study up on our REAL history and the history that is now full of apologetic revisionism. The study the history of the West and then appreciate what we once were, what we have now become and then realize we are not far from losing it all.